Linda views the classroom as a place where adults participate in the learning process. She creates a space where it’s safe to exchange ideas, think new thoughts and experience fresh insights. In her role as facilitator, Linda draws out wisdom from the participants. Those attending Linda’s workshops experience a collaborative learning environment that leads to “aha” moments and transformational changes. Linda has been a trainer in the business world for more than 20 years and has a number of facilitation and team building certifications.

Linda has been a trainer in the business world for more than 20 years. She has a number of facilitation and team building certifications including Fierce Conversations, MBTI, EQ-I, Prepare/Enrich, FIRO Element B, Senn-Delaney Leadership Training and Professional DynaMetric Programs (PDP).

Linda is also certified as a coach and facilitator with Your Secret Name, The Deeper Path and Day Job to Dream Job. In group or one-on-one settings, Linda utilizes these models to help people gain clarity on their identity, life purpose and direction.

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  • Grant

    “Linda’s presentation style is inspiring, energizing and engaging. I appreciate how she fosters open communication and facilitates learning concepts. She is clearly a coach! Well done Linda!”

  • Misty

    “I love how open and easy it is to share and be involved in the process when Linda facilitates. I think she does a great job at making it easy to understand and apply the concepts learned. I truly think she is amazing at what she does. I always enjoy her classes.”

  • Kathy

    “I enjoy Linda’s training. Very educational and always makes everyone feel “safe.” Positive but REAL.”

  • Jeff

    “I want to give you a very warm and heartfelt thank you for the extremely motivational, thoughtful and meaningful training you put on. It was undeniably the best professional and personal growth leadership training that I have ever attended. The material, way it was presented, interaction amongst the attendees, your professional and personal insights into the material, promoting it, teaching it, sharing your experiences about it, BELIEVING it and seeing it radiate from you; just everything about it. It was a very life changing event for me to learn and grow professionally and personally.”

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