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Linda Outka is a certified coach, speaker and trainer. She is the founder of Breakthrough Solutions, Inc. which creates space where people feel safe to be real and discover new insights that open doors to their potential.

Linda is also a founding partner on the John Maxwell Team of coaches, speakers and trainers.

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  • Jeff Lautt, President, POET, LLC

    CONFLICT! It’s something we’d all like to avoid but none of us can. Pebbles in My Shoe tackles a tough topic beautifully. Linda outlines a simple and very effective way to address and resolve conflict so that relationships can flourish and individuals can find more peace. Well done!”

  • Melissa, Director

    “I appreciate our time together more than I can tell you. It is an amazing feeling to have someone who I trust completely to talk through some of the concerns that I’ve been having. I always walk away from our meetings with a much clearer perspective and more confidence. You have an amazing gift to help people find their way through the clutter in our hearts and minds to find clarity and direction, and I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to have you as my coach.”

  • Bud, Workshop Participant

    “Outstanding trainer. Very engaging, enthusiastic, pleasant, genuine, caring. Awesome.”

  • Sean Coffman, Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO, Carsforsale.com

    “The tools introduced by Linda Outka provide a road map to navigating through conflict. With Linda’s coaching, I’ve applied these principles to leading my company and they’ve moved our culture forward.”

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