Linda is passionate about creating a safe place for people to discover their potential and fulfill who they were born to be. Through thought-provoking questions, Linda helps her coaching clients achieve clarity in their thinking. From resolving interpersonal conflict to achieving balance in every area of life, Linda partners with her coaching clients as they break free of self-limiting beliefs and achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Why do people hire a coach?

  • To achieve their potential
  • To have a safe place to download and discover solutions
  • To be held accountable for their goals and aspirations
  • To help resolve interpersonal conflict
  • To eliminate ineffective habits that undermine their effectiveness
  • To achieve fulfillment and balance in every area of their lives

Coaching is…*

  • A relationship that is entirely focused on you.
  • Someone listening rather than just hearing you speak.
  • Someone who holds you accountable to your dreams and aspirations.
  • A relationship with someone insatiable curious about who you are and who you intend to be.
  • A relationship with an individual who is just as committed as you are to what you want to achieve in life.
  • A relationship with a person who has no agenda other than your growth and success.
  • Someone in your life who sees the enormity of your true excellence.
  • A relationship where you finally break free of the self-limiting self-talk that has sabotaged your growth and success in the past.
  • A strategic alliance with a person skilled in connecting with people.


Live from your true potential and become who you were born to be.

*Thank you to Christian Simpson for the inspiration behind “Coaching is…” Christian Simpson is on the Faculty on the John Maxwell Team.

  • Melissa, Director

    “I appreciate our time together more than I can tell you. It is an amazing feeling to have someone who I trust completely to talk through some of the concerns that I’ve been having. I always walk away from our meetings with a much clearer perspective and more confidence. You have an amazing gift to help people find their way through the clutter in our hearts and minds to find clarity and direction, and I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to have you as my coach.”

  • Gina

    “I love Linda! She challenges me, motivates me, and affirms me!!!”

  • Pam, 2nd Vice President

    “I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the insights you’ve provided to me since we began our coaching sessions. As a leader of leaders, I’m constantly looking for ways to help them grow so they in turn can help their team members grow. It has been very beneficial to have someone share ideas with me to help fill my well. You guide me to come up with solutions through your thoughtful questions so I can be more impactful with them.” 

  • Michelle

    “Thank you for your passion, honesty and openness.”

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